People used the phrase “swine fly” to compare side for such an absurd problem. But in a match dubbed Classics 11/2002, details that really happened.
“Around the corner kick Monday or Tuesday during the game, I turned to Luis Figo and say: ‘Hey you beat, from the end of the game, he now fend offline’,” reminisced Michel Salgado in an interview recently, the famous laughing uncontrollably.

Salgado never forget that day El Clasico. Cule that any Madridista or directly witnessed the scene was also never forget. 23.11.2002 match at the Nou Camp yesterday was recorded as the most intense El Clasico, the most typical in the history of constant hostility between the two clubs.

Salgado said: “When Real had corners, I often approach close to Figo corner kick spot can make a rapid combination. But that day I did not loiter approaching that place. Strange objects falling from the sky like rain. I looked through and saw coins, a knife, a glass of whiskey, Johnnie Walker and J & B unknown. But looking through the frightening enough already. Normally, I would find employment Corner up to support. That day is … well off “.

“And then I saw it,” Salgado said.


The pig was thrown down when Figo prepared Corner.

“It” here is the pig’s head, the Spaniard called cochinillo. Is there a secret someone has concealed the pig in person, wait until Figo came as close as possible, then throw down. “In the dressing room, we’re laughing because he,” Salgado said. “A pig’s head it? Guy started to think about bringing pigs to the field, right? It is the most bizarre I’ve ever witnessed. But then I think and draw conclusions for ever: this is El Clasico that “.

Later David Beckham to Madrid, bragging about how he used to participate in the Manchester derby, the match against Liverpool was hailed by the “derby of England”. But he stopped when I heard the details about the rain and the first foreign objects pork. El Clasico is just hatred anywhere on the pitch, it is politics, culture, society and philosophy. Especially when on the field … Luis Figo.

After the match, Gabriel Masfurrol, a member of the Board of Directors that day Barcelona, ​​Madrid has accused the media to do ridiculous things. He implies there was a certain reporter players available in the basket pig head camera, wait for the appropriate opportunities to increase dramatic fling and topics … selling newspapers. Advisor of the President of Barca, Jose Maria Minguella have the same “conspiracy theory” is. He said: “We did not even eat pork in Catalonia, where the first pig that get carried into the field.”

Marca and AS immediately counterattacked. They tell a series of stories about how the scenes which they scored the first image that pigs, from mark it out, which direction to throw to, its destination is … Figo’s head feathers rather roll tornado on the field. A week later, two newspapers to interview, “Mr. King’s cochinillo”, a renowned chef are from Segovia. This person said action thrown towards Figo pig is “humiliation for the pig”.

He explained: “Cochinillo is a unique cuisine, the symbol of Segovia. It does not deserve to be treated like that. His head fell to the field, bumping, sauce and grease will precipitate out, the smell of it will be very difficult to smell. ”

This is the third season in red-Real Madrid Figo, after he completed the most noisy transfer from Barcelona history to 2000. But time passed, and hatred in the hearts of ease cule never taken a little. In the first return to the Nou Camp in red-Real, the noise in the courtyard makes for a Metallica concert of lullabies care of her voice. They expose all the most vulgar banners for the former Barca captain. Figo walked off the field, trying very hard not to tears, half as emotional, half fear.

Tens of thousands of counterfeit bills worth 10,000 Peseta (former currency of Spain before switching to the Euro) are printed out and waving in the stands, with the Figo in the center of banknotes. A merchant Catalonia even threw down the field real money, also with Figo on his face. The cule see money falling in front of him, grabbed and thrown to go elsewhere. That money to beggars in Catalonia, people also do not recognize.

“I was probably one of the few extreme sports athletes to compete in a space with 120,000 people against themselves. They both aim at my yard, not aimed at the team, “Figo said. Portuguese Footballer no overstatement. Every time he touched the ball, the pitch again with the roar loudly aching brain, the body would come down like rain. If Figo is a conductor, he is the greatest conductor of all time. By one of his movements can dictate choir than ten thousand people in the Nou Camp.

barca vs real
Every match between Barca and Real have not ever stress, especially after the Figo.

The first reunion after the curtain “betrayed” her history, yard cleanup workers collected some orange, some sandwiches, some cold food tins, bottles, lighters and even what’s the mobile phone, to the mobile phone childhood that still very expensive. Maybe then some cule on the phone, see Figo receives the ball too itchy eyes always handy to throw down field. Too shocked by the scene I was treated so horribly, Figo kicked one of the worst games of his career. Real Madrid was defeated 0-2. “The atmosphere was killing us,” President Florentino Perez, director of the household’s transfer from Barcelona to Madrid Figo admitted.

“The first night Figo returned to the Nou Camp was truly unforgettable,” shaggy-haired defender Ivan Campo said famous. “I have never heard such noise deafening. Luis clearly do not deserve to be treated as such. He has contributed to what is best for Barcelona, ​​so that one can see him as a traitor. I remember reading one of Catalonia headlines: Traitor back. No, I do have certain traitor. It was Luis Figo, one of the best players in the history of Barcelona. Luis night did heavy damage. New Camp Nou last season was a paradise, now has become hell. But I really admire the courage of Luis. Only brave enough he entered the pitch and play in a hostile atmosphere like that. ”

Two months after this match, Figo returned to Barcelona for the second time, this time in the match against Espanyol. Still flares, but the fireworks congratulate Figo as VIPs. They sing and praise the Portuguese midfielder. One banner read: “It is not certain who is also an animal Catalonia”. But of course, such Figo found comfort at all.

In his first season at Real, Figo repudiation of the implementation of a corner at the Nou Camp. His second season did not play in El Clasico in Catalonia due to injury. But to the season Tuesday, the day ie 11.23.2002 other history, the cule waiting for him for several months. Every step closer dots Figo corner kick, flying objects rain down: beer cans, bottles, golf balls, and of course the famous pig head.

Each time, the match had to slow down a bit. But Figo was not afraid. The only way to overcome fear is to face it. Figo corner taken steps to put an avant-garde as soldiers entered the bombs rain. He knew just one other object hitting the head, injuries are unavoidable. But he did not delegate to anyone else Corner. If you have created all this hatred, he will settle it themselves. Just do not expect that the object is in the crowd again with a pig’s head only.

“I’ve never seen it until you see the photo in the newspaper, otherwise I would try a piece,” Figo said of the pig icon. “Someone even brought the whiskey bottle and drown. That is not football anymore. I understand the hostility, but this was going too far from the limit of hostility. I had played Juve – Inter, Inter – Milan, but nothing can match well with the feel of El Clasico. Football Federation Spain (RFEF) to ban two matches played at home against Barcelona. You know what the result is? Barca have never done that ban. President RFEF even then there must be … sorry “.

“Figo furious fans do not want to use them,” Barca coach that day, Louis van Gaal said. “Error in him going to put too slow corner kick, he picked up a few things slow and then kick also slow. The referee did not remind him again quẩy quick leg up at all. ” You heard it not absurd? Because it is Van Gaal, and since this is Barcelona. A director of the Barcelona support the argument that: “Figo has poked our crazy fans throughout all these years.” Joan Gaspart chairman: “I do not want to comment further on the hard hearts Luis Figo. But I do not accept people come to my house and my provocation. ”

Provocative? By performing a corner kick? And done it … a bit slow as the Van Gaal said?

Of course not provoke anybody Figo. What Gaspart said Van Gaal or have proven one thing: they hurt like when losing a hand icon on Real. And in the period of the first few years of the 21st century, Figo is the symbol of a war that has things from an ordinary football match. He became an Alfredo di Stefano, a Franco Dictatorship, a Guruceta Emilio (a referee with the controversial decision of the El Clasico in 1970) of the new era.

The transfer of Figo from Barcelona to Real cause huge buzz, because Figo day was a huge star. He won the Golden Ball in January 11/2000, the transfer to Real and shown in more than a dozen first match helped him gain some votes. But the title was mainly devoted to the performance of Figo last season at the Nou Camp. In Barcelona, ​​Figo has grown to reach the world’s best players. When Figo returned to the Nou Camp for the first time, the doctor asked Angel Mur Barcelona Figo gave him holding his picture Ballon results. Angel Mur took his photograph for the club in a traditional room, located next to the player who won the Golden Ball in history as Johan Cruyff, Hristo Stoichkov, Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Next time back to the Nou Camp, in passing traditional rooms, Figo saw somebody stole crayons colored render white shirt of Real into two blue – red Barca.