188BET predicts soccer today:  Zenit St.Petersburg vs SL Benfica  dated 09/03


Expert opinion: If anyone can keep track of couples find money to eat this was suspicious changes. Specifically, the agreement from time to time the most prestigious ones in Asia are on the move increased amount of visitors eat meals, while the home team kept. This is the same scenario for both meals under the European agreement.

Get the house at Sbobet.com as an example, to lease their new time for meals Zenit won – Air – losing is 2:06 with doors set a goal to eat, eat and eat 3:10 to 3:40 with air door door, however. But to this point, except for meals between the original goal of Zenit door, two-door air and losing what has been the rise of eating 3:20 (Air) and 3.85 (Loss) .Ro meals apparent change in the direction directions as above, the house is appreciated Zenit in this match so they have to raise money in order to eat the door under the player loses suction.


At home and the weather will be an advantage to help Zenit win
Full dealer based in the return leg because Zenit is holding too many advantages to win a victory. With losing 0-1 in the first leg, Zenit order to continue on the team understand Russia need to win and not conceding in the match tonight. This was not too difficult task for the Russian team when the match is being played on home soil. It should be remembered, is the most recent 3 matches playing at home in the Champions League, Zenit are all 3 points. If at all fronts, Zenit won 12 games, drawn 5 and lost just two of 19 home games the nearest official.

Apart from the spiritual advantages of cheering home crowd, the cold weather is also seen as a weapon of Zenit. Need to repeat this is game is played on home soil Zenits in Saint Petersburg Petrovski with cold weather. As predicted, the return leg will take place in rainy weather and the temperature falls to about 4 degrees. If such a Zenit player familiar with the above-mentioned extreme cold with Benfica – the team of Portugal, country located on the Iberian Peninsula with the hot weather, the field of competitors Petrovski true hell.

Looking at the past, this can be considered as the cause of all suffering from empty-handed Benfica to do when guests in 2 recent games on the field of Zenits. If larger, before the confrontation in this season’s Champions League 1/8 round, Benfica 2 Zenit times in the Champions League clash and they are the team with inferior performance with only 3 defeats and 1 victory over Russian team.

In addition, Benfica are faced with staffing problems in the absence of six key players to injury and booked. Notably when the 6 names to be at home, Benfica lost 3 key players in defense as Jardel, Lisandro López and the home team Zenit Luisao.Ve part nor more comfortable when there is no service Criscito and García because of suspension. But it’s not too serious losses by the hands still Villas Boas names can be replaced as Neto and Smolnikov for two positions on.


5. cos 5/7 Zenit win on the battlefield.
16/17 16. Benfica have victory in all competitions.
2. Zenit won 2 victories both on arrival at home to Benfica.
9. Benfica has 9 consecutive wins chains away.
13. Zenit have 13-match unbeaten sequence at home.
Zenit: Viktor Faizulin, Vyacheslav Malafeev, Aleksandr Ryazantsev to injury. Domenico Criscito, Javi Garcia suspended.
Benfica: Lisandro Lopez, Luisao, Ljubomir Fejsa, Nuno Santos injury. Jardel, Andre Almeida suspended..
Zenit vs Benfica

Experts predict soccer today: 2-0
Select: Zenit -1/2