188BET predict soccer today: Chelsea vs Paris Saint Germain 02h45, ngày 10/03

Expert opinion: As expected, the pair match between Chelsea and outstanding grace PSG have yet to be able to guess the name can go on and every scenario can occur. After the first leg, PSG were the team get the advantage on points with a 2-1 win but the team of France is one who has to worry more when their leg must travel to Stamford Bridge for Chelsea’s pitch .

In the first leg, PSG holding huge advantage when playing at home and get the squad outperformed their competitors and the victory was the result reflects the reality. However if one is following the evolution of the entire match two weeks ago, winning 2-1 with a minimum gap of PSG still can not satisfy the fans when the French team missed too many opportunities more goals to finish opponents early. Not only that, teachers Blanc also to provoke opponents conceding a goal at home and this can be considered as factors that helped Chelsea can turn the flag in his hand while the return leg at home.

PSg (1)

PSG is a little advantage to win in the first leg

Turning to the second leg, Chelsea and PSG are going to be in the hands of the best cards can at last weekend legged league in both just launched the reserves in order to keep power for office column.

Currently, the only worry right now is Chelsea center-half when captain Terry and Zouma has yet to be recovered. Thus in defense, Ivanovic will be touched to position alongside Terry Cahill. This alternative is not so bad when the Serbian players have become accustomed to having to replace Terry Stone – players have stepped aside slopes career, in this season. On the other hand, the home team Cheslea will be the return of Costa and Fabergas after a break in the match against Stoke in midweek NHA. So Chelsea will have their best face in recent times.

On the form, the Blues have made commendable progress with the gameplay extremely uncertain. Since coach Guus Hiddink to get the right lead, Chelsea played a total of 17 games in all competitions and they have lost just one match only and it was in the first leg defeat to PSG.

Across the field, PSG is somewhat more favorable opponent in welcoming the return of the Verratti and Matuidi. Overall, in addition to internal punishment of Aurier, French teams are in the hands of the most powerful team. This does not mean subjective PSG has the right to the moment they are the signs of distraction. Calculated since the first leg against Chelsea, PSG have 4 more matches in all competitions participants and their achievements have been only 2 wins, 1 draw and the remaining 1 defeat. In general, before the opponents are too weak as Montpellier, Saint-Etienne, Lyon, the Stade Reims or achievements mentioned above are hard to accept what PSG owns.

chelsea (1)

Stamford Bridge was never a pleasing destination with PSG

Blanc as teachers and students to be careful because this is a game they will make guests of Chelsea. Looking at the past confrontation, Stamford Bridge has never been comfortable with PSG destination when all 3 times as guests in their Champions League Trophy is only 2 draws and 1 defeat. Also need to mention more, from the beginning of next season should receive 2 hours of new PSG defeat regrettable but it’s all their matches away from home game. Specifically, they have an away defeat to Lyon (two weeks ago) in Ligue I and before that defeat on the field of Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Although not yet confirmed Chelsea can successfully swim upstream, but if only individual in the return leg of 1/8, the British team was presented with reliefs names put much faith grave when there is advantage as well as the more stable form opponents.
Chelsea vs PSG Soi agreement, dated 10/03 02h45: Goodbye Blues

These numbers Chelsea vs PSG notably:
0 – PSG Chelsea win at Stamford never Bridge: Air 3, lost 1 (including friendlies)
1 – Diego Costa scored just 1 goal in 14 games in the Champions League for Chelsea, it was in the game against Maccabi Tel Aviv.
2 – Coach Laurent Blanc became the 2nd beat Guus Hiddink during the Dutch military rulers to lead Chelsea. Harry Redknapp others.
5 – Cavani become “teenagers” of Chelsea. The evidence is to challenge Chelsea shot, Edinson Cavani was noted in 5 goals shoes (3 goals scored, tectonic 2) after 7 game against the London team in C1 Cup.
11 – In both teams scored 18 goals in 7 games are in confrontation in the European Cup with 11 goals coming from set pieces.
Chelsea vs Force Information Paris Saint – Germain:
Chelsea: Kurt Zouma, Terry absent due to injury. Pedro and Kennedy left open the possibility to play
PSG: Serge Aurier (suspended). While Blaise Matuidi, Marco Verratti announced the possibility to play.
Probable teams Chelsea vs Paris Saint Germain:
Experts predict: 1-0
Select: Chelsea -0