188BET Soccer prediction today: Cesena vs Salernitana 02h30, ngày 08/03


The key: Arsenal win 3 truss nearest confrontation.
Expert opinion: This is the game with the gap in the standings while Cesena is now ranked 5th in the standings with 47 points while the team stood pressure Salernitana trot with only 27 points. Looking at the differences and more on home advantage, certainly Cesena will be receiving professional team more highly.

Cesena won 3 truss nearest confrontation

It should be remembered, was in form Cesena stable home with 4 wins circuit row. In contrast, Salernitana is the name can not be trusted when the game away from home. From the beginning of next season Salernitana is now the only team ever wedge bongs smell victory away to record 7 and 8 losing air. Another point to note players, Cesena is the lease rate second highest win in Serie A.
2 most recent confrontation on the OU. 4/5 of Cesena last game with the same results. 2/3 recent match of Salernitana was  with two goals .
Pick Cesena
Experts predict: 2-0
Select: Cesena -3/4