188BET Soccer prediction today Borussia Dortmund vs Tottenham Hotspur, dated 11/03

Expert opinion: According to the computer, meals of the couples have made changes suspicious. Get at Sbobet.com reputable dealer as an example, when it was announced their agreement to a peace agreement with Dortmund serving meals to eat 0.92 however the present time the house was increased to eat enough 1:00 (up 8 price). Meanwhile, the amount of meals eaten by Tottenham went in the opposite direction from eating enough food to 0.92 with a peace agreement is approved. As usual, the changes on the show house is highly likely to win contract at Tottenham this match and they are forced to move with the visitors reduced meals to reduce economic losses on their part.


Tottenham is not easy to subdue

Thinking of the road does not reflect the reality by this time the team Dortmund is holding a lot of advantages to win a victory. To remember, in addition to playing at home with the team’s performance at the moment Ruhn is relatively impressive, with 14 consecutive games unbeaten in all competitions, have won 12 and drawn. So what is the reason of the fear Dortmund will not be able to win agreement.

If one track can be seen only reason that the dealer is the least achievement of the team at home to Germany in the Europa League. Calculated from the first round until the present, teachers Thomas Tuchel has experienced a total of four home games in which they have 2 wins, 1 draw remaining and 1 defeat. And if you look under Our international, out of 4 matches in, odds are their contract is only 50% with 2 wins and 2 defeats.

Another reason that the total network under strong dare not put their faith on the opponent’s name is not easily bullied Tottenham. In terms of performance, the England team will be hard to compare with competitors as they had not won two consecutive games. But that does not mean to say that the name Tottenham lacked safety. To remember, since the Europa League group stage, Tottenham are impressive form with 5 wins, Air 2 and lost just one match (lost 1-2 before Anderlecht). If the start of the season from 2015/16 until the moment of teachers Pochettino army has never lost with a goal way too special or more in 42 matches in school and make sure this is the parameters worth the players concerned when the contract was approved at a landmark peace.
Dortmund vs Tottenham Soi agreement, dated 11/3 01h00: Stopping only Spurs


4- 4/5 recent trip to Tottenham finished with a total score is odd.
5. Repeatedly 5 recent games in the arena Europa League Tottenham have not lost.
6. Lamela is leading player scorer for Tottenham in the Europa League with a 6-phase set.
6- 6/7 Dortmund won their last home game at home in the Europa League arena.
Dortmund are unbeaten 11- 11 consecutive matches on all fronts.
Dortmund: Sokratis injury.
Tottenham: Jan Vertonghen, Clinton N’Jie injury and Danny Rose. Dele Alli suspension.
Probable teams:
Dortmund Tottenham


Experts predict result: 1-1 / 1-0
Select: Tottenham +1