188BET predicts soccers: Real Madrid vs AS Roma 02h45, dated 09/03



Expert opinion: Subscribe to Our international tournament of this pair from time to time to truss will easily see the amount of both teams had been eating the continent A settlement house. Took home the prestigious M88 as an example, at their new contract to Real Madrid’s meals are eaten at 0.95 but this time only 0.86 with contract approved eat a losing half (-1 1/4). In contrast, the amount of food eaten AS Roma increased from 0.95 to quit -0.92, up to 13 prices. As usual, the show moves on what is highly likely to win contract of Real Madrid and they are forced to reduce the amount of food the Spanish team in order to reduce economic losses on their part.


Ronaldo is in good performance

Understandably, because the moment Real Madrid are in good form, especially main striker Ronaldo. Before this match, the team Royal Spanish succession had 2 wins and there are impressive victory with the score gap. Specifically, Real beat Levante 3-1 and they recently buffeted Celta Vigo with the score 7-1. If alone Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker has a total of 5 goals. Returning to the Champions League, Real Madrid win 6 and just to make it 1 out of 7 matches of the season kicked again and Ronaldo is the bright spot of the team to have 12 goals (leading scorer) and 3 tectonic line. Clearly the current form, Real Madrid has added a victory in the second leg match tonight is the scenario predicted by many international relief and reasonable teacher-student grave just curious how Zidane scored a goal only.

As for the visitors, Roma prepare for this match relatively well with three consecutive wins in Serie gap A. But that is not enough for each team can be confident in Italy as guests tonight . Despite being in good form in Serie A but the team shirt betel residue to remember in the first leg they were easily defeated Real Madrid 2-0 and so Spalletti wants to go to teachers and students should have a winner with the score gap between two or more goals in the second leg.

This is clearly too much for Roma duties when they are not being appreciated names in the Champions League and not much motivation to play. Remember in the first round, the Italian capital club thanks to luck to get new tickets go forward. Specifically, Roma only won 1, drawn 3 and lost 2 matches in the group stage. Worth mentioning, of 2 defeats that they have to get there first defeat with the score 6-1 in the dark courtyard of a Spanish team is Barcelona. Players also pay special attention, in the Champions League this season, Roma conceded at least 2 goals in 5 of 7 games kicked.
Soi Real vs AS Roma contract, 02h45 Day 09/03: Roma let
Speaking before the game
Coach Zidane (Real Madrid): “We are holding many advantages, winning 2-0 in the first leg gives us many options strategy game tonight. But Roma are strong opponents, we have to play hard and to get good results. ” French legend proved relatively cautious.
Coach Luciano Spalletti (Roma): “Opportunities come to us still. And Rome will not stop fighting to get what you want. Still 90 minutes in front and not sure what “. Italy strategist who showed great determination.
10. Real Madrid scored 10 goals in 2 matches closest.
3. Roma won all recent 3 games.
3. Away, Roma also won all recent 3 games.
6. Real Madrid kept a clean sheet in their last home game 6/7 Champions League.
11. Roma do not win at least 11/12 matches in this arena.
Ins and outs
Real Madrid: Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Benzema and Arbeloa injured.
Rome: Ezequiel Ponce, Capradossi, Norbert De Rossi Gyomber and injury.

Real Madrid vs Roma
Experts predict: 4-1
Selected: Real Madrid -1 1/4