188BET Predicts soccer today: Tottenham Hotspur vs Borussia Dortmund  dated 18/03


The key: 4/5 truss Tottenham do not win matches.

Expert opinion: Tottenham do not have much chance to progress in the Europa League 2015/16 when deep leg Dortmund lost their eighth round with the score 3-0 too isolated. Even if that was a second leg at home, but to get three goals against the German team Dortmund’s not easy task at this time.

.Dortmund (1)

Tottenham did not win 4/5 truss recent games
Need a reminder, before rematch tonight, representatives of the Bundesliga are circuit 17 consecutive games unbeaten in all competitions for the participants (15 wins Air 2). In contrast, Tottenham went into the game with erratic performance when only won 1, drawn 1 and lost 2 matches in recent 4 games. Another reason is against English teams at the moment they need to focus maximum energy on NHA fronts – the league they have the opportunity to champion. With the outcome of this moment will not surprise when Tottenham will actively surrender Europa League – fronts they had no hope, just released by the team bench with a lot to keep power for domestic fronts NHA .

2 recent confrontation has ended with the score 3-0. Recent matches of Tottenham 4/6 Explosive Finance.


Tottenham: Vertonghen and N’Jie injury.

Dortmund: Out with the strongest team field.

Probable teams:
Experts predict: 1-3
Select: Dortmund -1/4