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Key: Manchester City lost confrontation truss nearest 7/10.

Expert opinion: Among the teams present at the semi-final, Manchester City is the most prominent names and of course they are considered candidates for the championship heavyweights League Cup 2015/16 England. But in fact, Manchester is facing the risk of type as in the first leg semi-final they lost 1-2 away to Everton. Knowing, teachers Pellegrini still plays about 90 minutes on the floor to turn the flag Eithad but if any demonstration of a pale face but just as in recent matches, hoping to be in the finals of Man City is shaken violently.


Manchester City lost confrontation truss nearest 7/10
Remember, in the game a few days ago at home even launched the strongest team but what Man City have been just lucky draw at West Ham. Thus, the last 3 rounds at NHA, Man City had to split points to 2 matches only to be left behind in the standings Leicester with 3-point distance. Of course, more or less in the mentality of the Man City game was pivotal to Everton tonight will be affected by the result of frustration at NHA.

As for the visitors, when compared in terms of human, not rivals Everton Man City but not so that professionals underestimate the opportunity to go to the port city team. Need to know, not as Man City – was shaky and energy division for the NHA, Everton can wholeheartedly for the match tonight by the NHA in front they did not have many opportunities for advancement. In addition, Everton’s performance at this point is relatively stable when unbeaten 5/6 recent matches.

Notably in the match unbeaten, besides wins in the first leg against Manchester City, Everton every two impressive draw at Stamford Bridge on Chelsea and Manchester City’s Etihad main courtyard at NHA. Mentioned away, if calculated from the beginning of the season so far, Everton is the team with the best performance when new England to correct one of the 14 away games in the league of England.

4/5 recent confrontation with no more than two goals. Last 2 home games conceding Man City not. 5/7 away matches of Everton fenders Under.
Man City vs Everton Soi truss, 02h45 Day 28/1: Sometimes the attraction
Speaking before the match
Romelu Lukalu (Everton): We know you are holding the advantage, though not great but it was just enough for us to enter the finals. I love rival is Liverpool. ” Belgium striker showed great confidence.
Coach Pellegrini (Man City): “A table is not too large distances, Everton had played well in the first leg, however many mistakes you blame and suffer the consequences. My game will be corrected in the game tonight. ” Chilean tactician also not pessimistic.
Information MC vs Everton noteworthy:
7. Man city unbeaten in 7 matches closest backyards, including 6 wins, 1 draw but only before the Everton.
1. Everton are the best away record as of the moment England when only only 1 defeat on the field of competition of the season.
2. In the past fortnight, Everton and Man City encounter each other 2 times, Man City have not won with 1 draw 1 defeat.
1. Man City this season with only one game did not score at home, that’s over Everton.
Information Man City vs Everton forces:
Man City: Kompany, Narsi, Mangala, Kolarov and Bony injuries.
Everton: Mirallas, Mesic, Pienaar, Browning, Hibbert, James McCarthy is also unlikely to play because of the same reason.
Probable teams Manchester City vs Everton:

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Man City vs Everton
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