188BET Predicts soccer today Manchester City vs Dynamo Kyiv 02h45, dated 16/03


The key: 2/7 truss Dynamo Kyiv won only kicked in the Champions League match.

Our international developments: Note could see this match meals have changed the house at Sbobet.com taken as an example, when it was announced their agreement to the City’s meals are dropped -0.95 to accept a peace agreement (-1 ) but by the time the match was reduced to 10 food prices 0.95. In contrast, the Dynamo Kyiv meals increased from 0.88 up to 11 price 0.99. With veteran players will easily notice the change on the house shows are highly likely to win the home team’s truss Man City so to reduce economic losses on their part, they had to reduce the amount dining on the door.


Manchester City (1)

Manchester City are holding many advantages to having all 3 points
Expert opinion: Man City is facing historic opportunities available for the first time in the quarter-finals of the Champions League of the club when teachers and students are going to be Pellegrini 3-1 win over Dynamo Kyiv in the first leg on the field for letter. Thus, in the second leg on home soil, the British team’s mission is very simple when the air or just an unlucky loser there results a minimum gap was enough for them to go forward.

Back to the game tonight, except De Bruyne, Delph and Nasri injury before, Man City will have the strongest squad. In defense and midfield, 3 pillars of Zabaleta, Toure, Kolarov and will be off the pitch from the start after the house outside the holding power against Norwich. In attack, Bony (players play the game do not understand how this results in a few days) will have to yield to Sterling. Thus, after the match against Norwich play with 2 strikers blurred, in this match Pellegrini became the favorite with a 4-5-1 scheme with unique key Aguero.

With the team having the best hand as well as psychological comfort when playing at home and is special advantage in terms of scores each won 3-1 in the first leg, Manchester City are confident to a Dynamo Kyiv before winning again.

man city

Dynamo Kyiv has a poor record when guests of the English team
As for the visitors, in theory, Dynamo Kyiv are still opportunities to go forward if their second leg with a 2-0 victory, or at least 2 goals gap ratio from 3-1 or more . But in reality, things are not easy for the team if this is the match Ukraine will have to play them on your opponent’s Eithad mecca.

It should be remembered, in the group stage Dynamo Kyiv once to play on the course of an English team Chelsea, and the result is well known as teacher-student Serhiy Rebrov to leave the scene empty-handed (the only defeat Dynamo Kyiv must be received in the first round). Wider, Dynamo Kyiv has never enjoyed the joy of victory when your guests have to do an English team in European competition with Air accomplishments 2 and lost 11 (including 1 defeat away to Manchester City in Europa League).
Referring to Dynamo Kyiv away has never been appreciated. Undo the past, Dynamo Kyiv has a total of 34 away matches in the Champions League and their achievement is immensely expensive shield with 4 wins, 7 draws and lost 23 matches.

Battle head to head in the first leg Resources explosion. 18/19 last home game of Manchester City have similar results. 3/5 Dynamo Kyiv’s recent match with at least 3 goals.
Soi Man City vs Dynamo Kiev truss, 02h45 Day 16/03: Moments commandment use
Speaking before the match MC vs Dynamo Kyiv:
Coach Pellegrini (Man City): We are certain advantages. But you know that the teams in the Champions League are very strong and simple. We will continue to attack to get the ball well. ” – The Chilean military rulers proved relatively cautious.
Sergiy Rebrov coach (Dynamo Kyiv): “We are in a difficult position, and obviously not much chance to turn things around. But still 90 minutes, we will fight to the last second. ” – Speaking of coaches are determined to visitors.
Information notable MC vs Dynamo Kyiv:
0. In the history of the European Cup tournament, not a one-time Dynamo Kyiv can win when they travel to have the England team with results 9 lost and only 2 draws.
1. Man City will have the opportunity to contribute in the first Champions League quarter-finals if overcome Dynamo Kyiv.
5. 5/6 Man City won the Champions League last home game.
2. In the above mentioned 5/6 wins, Man City scored at least 2 goals / game.
Info Man City vs forces Dynamo Kyiv:
Man City: Samir Nasri, Fabian Delph Kevin De Bruyne and injury.
Dynamo Kyiv: Mykola Morozyuk injury. Yarmolenko, Oleksandr Rybka Sydorchuk and ready to return.
Probable teams Manchester City vs Dynamo Kyiv:


Experts predict: 3-1
Choose: Man City -1