188BET Soccer prediction Espanyol vs Vallecano 02h30 March 8

prediction 188BET Espanyol - Rayo Vallecano ep

The key: 3/4 truss Espanyol lost nearly nhat.Y confrontation Expert: Espanyol jasmine names are not reliable enough for the player. Understandably kh current form of the Catalans are very erratic when get 2 wins, 2 and lost harmony to 7 games of 11 games in La Liga recently. Looking at the statistics above, whether in plays game tonight was playing at home, but will not take a surprise if Espanyol had received an unfavorable results from competitors.
Espanyol – Rayo Vallecano
Espanyol lost 3/4 truss nearest confrontation

As for the visitors, Rayo Vallecano just experienced defeat with the score 1-5 bold should nevertheless be understood that the match when they face league leaders Barcelona and blackened more than 2 to squad cool. In addition to the above defeat, Rayo Vallecano’s performance is relatively stable when 7 consecutive games unbeaten in La Liga earlier (at a rate of up to 100% wins contract).

Recent confrontation 6/8 Explosive Finance. 8/9 last match of Espanyol in La Liga with similar results. 13/15 recent match Rayo Vallecano league has at least 3 goals.



Coach Constantin Galca (Espanyol): The defeat against Real Betis shot just stumbled regrettable, welcome Rayo Vallecano this time we are determined to get all 3 points. – Romania coach is comforting fans after defeat confusing.

Coach Paco Jemez (Rayo Vallecano): We are in pretty good form, the defeat against Bacelona is unavoidable because they are too strong, rivals Espanyol will be easier for a lot of these are not really easy because forces Rayo Vallecano are too thin. – Rayo Vallecano coach is respectful rivals.


1. 1/5 win match Espanyol play at home in La Liga.

4. Air Rayo Vallecano 4 recent games as a guest in La Liga.

4. Espanyol did not lose in 4 times the nearest welcome Rayo Vallecano.

13. Rayo Vallecano have conceded at least 2 goals in recent matches 13/15 La Liga.


Espanyol: Anaitz Arbilla, Mamadou Sylla, Jose Canas injury.

Rayo Vallecano: David Cobeno, Patrick Ebert, Razvan Rat, Tono, Pablo Hernandez, Miku injury. Manuel Iturra, Diego Llorente suspension.



Experts predict: 1-2
Select: Rayo Vallecano +1/4