188BET predicts soccer: Australia vs Jordan 16h00, ngày 29/03

Prior plays last game, Australia is leading the table with 2 points more than Jordan. So, which team will win self-determination his fate in the next qualifying round. The home players naturally took advantage when they only need air to achieve the goal, while Jordan had to win or at least 1 point to compare with the other second-placed teams ranked. As a rule, four best second-placed teams will join the board of the 8 best 8 teams continue to step on board the next qualifier. Jordan on the charts the second team is ranked No. 3.
With relatively complex nature such, the two teams entered this match with high caution is understandable. Australia was rated higher when playing at home, but they could not risk by single failure in qualifying this time the team’s origin comes from its bag Mouse Jordan, Jordan won the first leg 2-0 at home . So, the first rise since the beginning of the enemy government intentions can make Australia pay. In the present circumstances, the home team have more reason to be cautious in order to preserve the advantages are.


Australia vs Jordan 16h00, ngày 29/03

Opposite sides of the court, Jordan with 10 points are, No. 3 in the list of the best second-placed team still holds great opportunities. The win in the game, Australia is the task difficult but at least one point to help the visitors still have the right to think about the next ticket to the side door. Naturally, in the judgment, failure will almost shut the door to the dream of Jordan to the World Cup for the first time in history.
If you look at Jordan’s performance in recent times, Asia grave tone absolutely no reason to turn to, when this team has pass rate at the nearest 7 of 8 matches. Around the same time, Australia has three times led investors to harbor a grudge. Plus details on the nature of this game, analysts are inclined possibility Jordan will at least pass rate of 1 3/4 Asian approved are listed on the market.

– Jordan has overcome the Asian rate in 7 of 8 matches.
– If Australia has won the Jordan thrashed Tajikistan Bangladesh 8 goals without reply in the last matches respectively.
– Jordan wins Asian index in 2 of the 3 most recent confrontation.
– Jordan were present at the second Asian Cup finals recently, it has never happened in the past.
– Harry Redknapp agreed to lead Jordan earlier this month, and he has made his debut success last beating Bangladesh 8-0.
– Harry Redknapp has never held any national team before coming to Jordan.
Probable teams:
Australia: Ryan; McGowan, Sainsbury, Wright, Smith, Jedinak, Mooy, Luongo, Burns, Giannou, Leckie.
Jordan: Moataz Yaseen; Bani Yassen Al Basha, Elias, Ehsan Haddad, Al Rawashdeh, Al Bakhet, Deeb Salim, Samir, Ayed Fadel Al Dardoor.