188BET Predicts soccer Schalke 04 vs Monchengladbach dated 19/03

The key: Schalke lost nearest 5/6 confrontation.

Expert opinion: Schalke went into the game with the highest determination to win because this is the game they are playing at home. More importantly the full 3 points will help “green emperor” shorten the distance to third place (location to attend the Champions League next season) down to 1 point. But want is one thing remaining to be done or not is a completely different story by now Schalke do not get a stable form.


Schalke lost nearest confrontation 5/6

After two consecutive wins in the 24 and 25, Schalke quickly back to earth last week when they have defeat against major competitors Champions League is Hertha Berlin. Back to this match, teachers Breitenreiter will face a challenge not pleasant named Monchengladbach. Currently, Monchengladbach are lined up on the Schalke team and they are determined to win points to rival interest to attend a European competition next season. Regarding performance, this time is a little longer Monchengladbach are rivals having won 4 drew 1 and lost just 1 in 5 rounds recently. Overall, Monchengladbach are showing they are safe names with players over Schalke.

5 most recent confrontation on the field Schalke have no more than two goals. Bundesliga Schalke recent battles to defeat with the score 0-2. 2/3 last match Monchengladbach not conceding.

Schalke vs Gladbach Soi agreement, dated 19/03 02h30: Chen foot into the top 4
Speaking before the game
Schalke coach – André Breitenreiter: “Schalke are gradually overcome crisis and late giaidoan a mid-season. But the spirit of the players has been up significantly in the last 1 month. Gladback is a strong offensive team, and beautiful, but not to their Schalke easily replaced with any scores. ”

Gladbach coach – André Schubert: “My players understand that the defeat against Wolfsburg merely an unintended accident. Gladbach played well in that game, but luck was not inclined gods on our side. Top 4 is an extremely important objective, so my players will play with the highest spirit of determination. ”


Schalke have 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 lost 2 games in recent games.

An average of 3 goals in Schalke’s last 5 games.
Gladbach have 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat in 5 recent games.
An average of 3 goals in 5 games Gladbach’s last.
Met 6 times between the two teams closest, bringing on themselves Gladbach 3 wins, 1 defeat and 2 draws before Schalke.
Schalker: Atsuto Uchida, Matija Nastasić, Benedikt Höwedes, Marco Hoger injury. JuniorCaicara suspensions stick. The ability to play Choupo-Moting of Goretzka and left open.
Gladbach: Oscar Wendt, Nico Schulz, Álvaro Domínguez, Tony Jantschke, Martin STRANZL chanthuong.

Schalke 04 vs Monchengladbach 02h30, date 19/03
Experts predict: 1-1
Select: Monchengladbach +1/4